Senior Pastor Dr. Charmane Gayle-Peart

Charmane Gayle-Peart is the baby sister of 6 girls, and the 10th child born to the late David Gayle and Victoria Gayle on December 8, 1962.  She was born and raised in the island of Jamaica, where she completed her formal education up to high school.  Throughout her early years as a child, it was discernible to almost everyone who met her that whatever path she decided to take, she was going to travel that path unswervingly.  In the words of one pastor who witnessed her take command of the stage at a concert, she was either going to be “a mighty warrior for the devil or a mighty woman of God.”  She surrendered her life to God at the age of 12, and has not looked back since.  In her childhood days when she was playing church, she was the only member of her brother, Glenton’s church, and she would sing and lead the testimony service.  A prophecy was given to her father (the late David Gayle) that of all his daughters, she would be the most powerful.


She migrated to the United States of America when she was 17 years old, and she never lost focus of the passion she felt in her heart towards God.  Even though her early years in the United States were spent being an ‘ordinary’ Christian, it was unmistakable that there was a special calling on her life.  When Bishop Gayle decided to start the ministry in 1987, she supported him wholeheartedly and served the church for several years as the general secretary.  In 1990, she accepted the call to full-time ministry, traveling with Bishop Gayle wherever he went to conduct revival and tent meetings.  The gift of prophecy demonstrated itself in her life throughout the years and in 1999, she was ordained as a prophetess.  Her unwavering dedication and commitment, not only to the call of call but also to the ministry, later earned her the position of Bishop Gayle’s assistant.  Her love for God and people allows her to serve fervently and unequivocally.


Inspiring, thoughtful, author, motivational speaker, preacher, counselor and founder of the Mr. & Mrs. Adam Family Life Conference, Dr. Charmane Gayle-Peart is a lover of the family.  She is a servant to the people, the mother of two wonderful, anointed, and God-fearing children and has the love and respect of a wonderful man, Peter Peart, since 1988.  She makes every effort to be a paradigm leader, spouse, mother, friend, daughter, sibling, and colleague.  She holds the characterization of the adage, “practice what you preach.”  Dr. Peart has always aspired for greatness but has never allowed her personal aspirations to overshadow whom call God has called her to be.  She made a few twists such as studying to be a Medical Office Assistant, enrolled in a Psychology program, obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and a doctoral degree in Clinical Religious Counseling.  These fine twists introduced her to new people, led her in new directions, gave her big ideas, and conceived all-embracing and extensive concepts that helped her shape the person that she is today.  Given her level of responsibilities, she continues to distinguish herself by staying committed to the mission to help individuals live life to the best of their abilities and the quality of her work is evident in the testimonies of everyone that she has had the opportunity to serve.  She has an amazing impact on the people she encounters, no matter to what degree or on what level.


Dr. Peart’s talent of writing and giving sound advice started at a very young age and it has only blossomed with age and time.  She is not limited to being the assistant to Bishop Gayle but she is the author of a best seller, Strong Sons: The Tunnel Journey and currently operates her own practice, Open Door CRC, offering the service of religious counseling.  She can often be found gracing the stages of different ministries and forums, across the United States and the Caribbean.  She is an anointed speaker who indisputably makes room to be used by God, whenever and wherever.  Hundreds have been blessed by her riveting sermons and the authoritative prophetic ministry that God has placed on her life.  Her commitment, dedication, and passion for serving God are unparalleled and one to be admired and emulated.  Dr. Peart is constantly evolving and waiting for the next big opportunity to help the family – pursuing her desire to witness stronger wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, which also highlight the preamble and foundation of her book series about the family.

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