Glenton James Gayle was born February 1, 1961, to the late David Gayle and Victoria Gayle.  He is a native of the Island of Jamaica, who responded to the call of God on his life at a very early age.  In February of 1974, he answered the call of salvation and surrendered his heart to the Lord.  When the news of his conversion went abroad, the ministry became illuminated, and the movement captured the attention of young people and backsliders from the surrounding communities.  His passion was so captivating, it propelled many more to give their hearts to the Lord and renew their vows.  From a very early age, he displayed the love of preaching, singing, and playing the guitar.  As a child, it was evident that God had a special mark on him.  During his playtime, he formed his own church, conducting funerals and preaching.  As time progresses, he grew spiritually, and served as the president of the young people’s department and as an armor bearer for the late Elder John Gayle.


In 1980, he migrated to the United States, but never allowed the glitter and temporal promises of this blessed country to sway his mindset in being committed to the call of God.  Even though there was a greater calling on his life, he did not immediately heed to it.  He kept making excuses and promises about going into ministry.  He later went to music school to fulfill his love of playing the guitar, which he mastered.  He also sang and played for a group formed by his siblings, called the Gaylelights.  Still ignoring the call that God had on his life, his wake-up call came in June of 1986.  He was traveling from Kingston, Jamaica, to Miami, Florida on Challenge International Airlines, when fire broke out in the right engine of the plane.  When the air hostesses moved the panicked passengers to the exit, he was the only person still seated.  It was then that he prayed and promised God that if He spared his life, he would start a ministry.


A year later in July 1987, the 7th Day Church of the Living God became incorporated in the state of Florida.  He was selected as the pastor and has since then served the church faithfully.  Three years later, he received a prophetic word that the Lord desired to have him serve in a full time capacity.  Without hesitation, he gave up his career as a Certified Diesel Mechanic to serve as a full time pastor.  In October 1999, he was ordained as Bishop of the 7th Day Church of the Living God.  He has since then evangelized in the islands of Grenada and Jamaica, where two other ministries were founded under his leadership.  He is classified as a leader of all leaders; very humble and dedicated to the call that God placed on his life.  He is hailed as a servant leader because of his desire and insistence to understand the quality of his people, the quality of their work, and the quality of their spirit.  He is no doubt a servant first, who feels a certain sense of responsibility to those he lead.  Bishop Gayle is anointed to preach and teach the word, and many people experienced deliverance through his fervent leadership and words of prophesy.  His ultimate desire is to build the kingdom of God by using the channel of evangelism – a gift with which the Lord has blessed him.  He preached the message of salvation and restoration in such places as the United Kingdom, throughout the Caribbean and the United States.  Bishop Gayle declares the word of the Lord without apology when he ministers to hundreds, as well as when he ministers to a few.  He has no fear in standing on the promises of God and has a desire to see people surpass the precincts of the flesh, and be all that God called them to be.


Bishop Gayle has an undergraduate degree in Theology from Liberty Bible College and a doctoral degree in Clinical Religious Counseling from Shepherd’s Care Bible College.  He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Evangelism at Liberty University.  His life is a true testament of his commitment to serving God with his whole heart.  He demonstrates a model of integrity and manages to live out his convictions and stay committed, not just to his family, but also to the ministry.  Remaining humble in the face of a growing ministry, he has earned the respect of other church leaders and those he serves.  This journey has not been without challenges and overwhelming moments.  When he became aware that his first name Glenton, means struggler, he took the initiative and legally changed his name.  So today, his legal name is Jameel Carmel Gayle – handsome with grace and favor.  He is a loyal husband to the beautiful Barbara Gayle, celebrating love and devotion since 1986, and a dedicated father to his five lovely children.  He is a vigilant spiritual leader to many, both in the United States and abroad, and he continuously aspires to be more, so that he can give more to those he serve.