[vc_row padding=”0″][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row padding=”0″][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 7th Day Church of the Living God, May Day, Manchester, which is located about just on the outskirts of the parish’s capital, Mandeville, became a reality in 2008 out of a vision that God gave to Evangelist Beverley Rose. After receiving the unction she was still hesitant to give up her job in the United States of America to take up the mandate here. The vision came a third time, and this time with decisve instructions, which left her with little or no choice to adhere to the instructions.

This time Evangelist Rose took the vision seriously and in 2008 she arrived in the Island of Jamaica from the Church’s headquarters located at 2400 Ware Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida. With her passion to see souls born for the kingdom of God, she decided to evangelize in the community of May Day, but would transport the members to the church located in Seven Corners, Leeds, St. Elizabeth. Evangelist Rose along with her sister Missionary Parker invested a great deal financially and otherwise to this venture.

It was not until finances for transportation to Leeds were literally dried up and Evangelist Rose under the direction of the Holy spirit revisted the vision and understood that it was not only to evangelize the community of May Day but should establish a church there.

We all agreed, from all observations and indications, that the vision for planting a church in the May Day community was true and timely. The search for a location began and in December 2009, Evangelist Rose and Missioanry Parker was impressed by the holy spirit to start worshipping in the living room of Missionary Parker’s home as a temporary measure. The frequency in which baptisamal services are being performed, the willingness of pioneers and the newly baptised members to participate in the growth and expension of the church and the maturity in which they deal with conflicts, which normally must arise where people of different core-value and orientation share the same space.

The number of members that pioneered the planting of the church in May Day, was anout twelve including Bishop Glenton Gayle, Prophetess Charmane Gayle-Peart, Evangelist Beverley Rose, Missionary Elizabeth Parker, Carlene Porter-Parker, Gillian Whittle, Ann Smith, Eleda James, Tamar Harriott, Hezekiah Williams, Asia Lewin and Peter Ricketts. By the year 2012, the membership grew to about 39

By about February 2013 Evangelist Beverley Rose found it necessary to start a new work in Nashville, Manchester. Sixteen (16) of the Thirty-nine (39) members joined her to support that work leaving us with appriximately 23 members.

However, the May Day congregation began to experience rapid growth and by April 2015 the membership grew to about 89, and we say, to God be the glory!: Hither to as the Lord led us”. It is important to note that over a two years period the church has grown significantly. Not only have we added new members of approximately 66, some of which have been migrated, but also new departments/officers/offices, such as education sponsor, prison ministry, health and temperance, youth pastor and assistance assistant pastos .

Since the departure of Evangelist Beverly Rosr, Elizabeth Parker-Ricketts has become the main source of support for the congregation in May Day. Besides giving her house the used for church survice and other activities, she contributed a great deal, and still continue to contribute, to the spiritual, social, mental and physical growth of, not only the members of the church, but also the community and its environs.

The church is presently in a building mode, we have been able to secure, by way of lease, one-quarter acre of land in a strategic location and have actually started the foundation of a muti-purpose building. The vision for the work in May Day include, not only a workship facility, but also a vocational Education and Training institute as part of our community out-reach programme, and proposals are presently being prepared to secure sponsorship for the completion of the building.

In keeping with the vision of the apostle and his team – to plant a church in every parish in Jamaica – the May Day church will continue to work to this end.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]